EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop

   31 May-11 June, 2021 • Québec City, PQ, Canada

EURING 2021 • Québec City, PQ, Canada • registration

Registration for EURING 2021 (scheduled for 31 May-11 June, in Québec City, PQ, Canada) is now 'open'. Simply click the (blue) 'Click Here to Register' button in the left-hand panel to start the registration process.


Because of COVID-19 public health & travel restrictions, EURING 2021 will be held entirely 'online'. The host institution managing the conference is Université Laval, Québec City, PQ, Canada.


During past editions of the EURING meetings, certain groups were under- represented, namely participants from developing countries. To stimulate participation from these groups, we will offer a discounted registration rate (see below).

Early bird registration (up to April 30th, 2021):

  • Student participant - 50$ CDN
  • Regular (non-student) participant - 100$ CDN
  • Participant from developing country - 10$ CDN

Registration after April 30th, 2021:

  • Student participant - 100$ CDN
  • Regular (non-student) participant - 150$ CDN
  • Participant from developing country - 25$ CDN

For questions regarding registration, contact the local host (Marc Mazerolle) directly.