EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop

   July 2-7, 2017 • Barcelona, Spain

EURING 2017 • Barcelona, Spain • travel & accomodations

The following will provide some basic information concerning your travel to Barcelona, and attendance at EURING 2017.


Barcelona is located in the northeast coast of Spain, with an international airport easily fly into. For the vast majority of people traveling to the meeting, here is your suggested 'itinerary':

  • Fly to Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (El Prat Airport). Major hub, serving a large number of airlines. Making connections to Barcelona from almost anywhere should be relatively trivial. Be aware that there are two terminals, but most international flights go to T1. There is also the possibility to fly to Girona Airport, which is about 1h from Barcelona by train.
  • Take a shuttle, underground, train or taxi from the airport to Barcelona. There are several possibilities to go to Barcelona from the airport.
  • There are regular Bus Express services (Aerobús A1 and Aerobús A2). The Aerobus is an express bus line that makes the journey from Barcelona El Prat Airport to downtown Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya). The Aerobus A1 departs from terminal T1 and the Aerobus A2 from T2 terminal. They have scheduled transport between the airport and Barcelona every 5 minutes and takes 20-40 minutes depending on traffic. Their price is €5.90 one way and €10.20 round trip. You can get more information here.
  • There is also a regular Metro (line L9 Sud) which connects the airport with Barcelona. However, be aware that the Barcelona stop is in the north of the city and you should transfer to other metros to get into our Museum, which is in the southeast of the city. Ticket valid for a single trip from the airport to any network station or subway in Barcelona. It costs €4.50. More information here.
  • There is also R2 train line. However, you can only take it from Terminal 2. It takes about 30 min to the city center, and there are trains each 30 min. More information here.
  • Take a taxi from the airport to Barcelona. A journey from the airport to the city center usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on several factors: a ride from terminal T1 will be longer than from T2, the final destination, the traffic conditions and the speed limits in force on the outskirts of Barcelona. Cost would be around 30-40€. You can get more information on pricing and so on here.
  • You can, if you choose, rent a car at the airport, but unless you have a compelling need for that level of 'personal mobility', you're strongly encouraged to use the other services.


There are a number of diffeerent hotel options availble:

  • A block rooms has been reserved for EURING attendees at the Hotel Zero. To get the special rate enter here (~166€/night at conference rates). Since there are many conferences in July 2017 in Barcelona, we advise you to book your room asap. This is the most convenient hotel because it is just in front of our Museum and there it is where we will have the lunch. To get detailed information on the location of the hotel click here.
  • In addition, a block of rooms has been reserved at La Ciudadela Hotel, with a special rate for EURING attendants (~ 68-76€ depending on the type of room). This hotel is located close to the city center, in front of Ciudadela Parc (Paseo Lluis Companys / Paseo Pujades). There is a very convenient trolley (the 'T4') that goes directly to the conference building at the Museum (~25 min). If you're interested in this hotel option, uou should write at to book your room (asap), saying that the reserve if for EURING conference organized by Museu Ciencies Naturals (Juan Carlos Senar).
  • There are many other hotels in Barcelona which may be less expensive. You can get them here.