EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop

   31 May-11 June, 2021 • Québec City, PQ, Canada

EURING 2021 • Québec City, PQ, Canada • Bienvenue!

Welcome to the EURING 2021 Analytical Meeting & Workshop website. EURING 2021, scheduled for 31 May-11 June, 2021, at Université Laval, in Québec City, Canada.
   The meeting will focus on the development, understanding and integration of new methodologies in the analysis of ringing data. The primary focus of the EURING Analytical Meeting is the advancement of statistical methods used to estimate population parameters, with emphasis on methods relevant to samples of marked individuals (e.g., bird ringing / banding), though some presentations may also involve application of comparable methods to unmarked individuals such as occupancy modelling and estimation of detection probabilities in monitoring programs. The conference will be completely online including a total of 8 days of oral sessions and a poster session. There will be no parallel sessions (on most days the conference will take place during a three hour afternoon session from 1600-1900 CET (1500-1800 BST). The conference has historically been kept small (100-120 participants) to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas. However, the 2021 virtual meeting will potentially enable a larger number of attendants to the conference.