EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop

   17-21 April, 2023 • Montpellier, France

EURING 2023 • Montpellier, France • Travel & Accomodations

Welcome to Montpellier (in advance...). The following will provide some basic information concerning your travel to Montpellier, and attendance at EURING 2023.

meeting venue

The EURING 2023 conference will take place in the CNRS amphitheater, 1919 route de Mende, 34293 Montpellier. Specific details on how to get to the venue will be provided as the meeting gets closer.

travel to Montepllier

Montpellier is located in southern France, on the Mediterranean Sea. For the vast majority of people traveling to the meeting, your best options are to either (i) fly directly to Montpellier, or (ii) fly to Paris, and take one of the 'fast trains' from Paris to Montpellier. These and other options are nicely described here.

hotel acomodations

You are responsible for making your own hotel accomodations. Visit here for a collation of various options. Suggestions include: