EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop

   17-21 April, 2023 • Montpellier, France

EURING 2023 • Montpellier, France • Bienvenue!

Welcome to the EURING 2023 Analytical Meeting & Workshop website.

EURING 2023, scheduled for April 17-21, 2023, in Montpellier, France. Since 1986, this conference has been an important forum for the exchange of information between statisticians and biologists on analytical techniques and their applications. The focus is usually on the development, understanding and integration of statistical methods for estimation and inference on animal population dynamics and demography, with data on marked individuals (via ringing/banding, DNA sequencing, GPS tags, etc). Note that contributions may also deal with unmarked individuals (e.g. occupancy or N-mixture models).

EURING 2023 is now over...


(maybe...assuming its held sometime in the summer of 2027).