EURING Analytical Meeting & Workshop

   July 2-7, 2017 • Barcelona, Spain

EURING 2017 • Barcelona, Spain • Welcome!

Welcome to the EURING 2017 Analytical Meeting & Workshop website. EURING 2017, scheduled for 2-7 July, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain, will focus on the development, understanding and integration of new methodologies in the analysis of ringing data. The primary focus of the EURING Analytical Meeting is the advancement of statistical methods used to estimate population parameters, with emphasis on methods relevant to samples of marked individuals (e.g., bird ringing / banding), though some presentations may also involve application of comparable methods to unmarked individuals such as occupancy modelling and estimation of detection probabilities in monitoring programs. The conference will include 4 days of oral sessions, a poster session, an optional full day workshop on methods and mid-conference field trips. There will be no parallel sessions. The conference will be kept small (100-120 participants) facilitating communication and exchange of ideas.

There are (very) approximately remaining until EURING 20120...(location TBA).