Program MARK, developed by Gary White, is a Windows-based program for analysis of data from marked individuals (hence its name). MARK represents a major advance in both functionality and coverage for analysis of data of these sort over several previous applications.
  However, unless (i) you have a good understanding of analysis of marked individuals in general, and (ii) a good working knowledge of one or more of the other applications used for analysis of such data, MARK is not one of those programs you can 'teach yourself in 5 minutes'. The primary documentation for MARK is contained in the MARK helpfiles. While the coverage in the helpfiles is comprehensive, it is not the most efficient way to teach yourself MARK (since helpfiles are not structured for that purpose).
  It was with this latter aim that this book was written - to enable you to 'teach yourself' how to use MARK. The 1200+ page (and growing) book (now in the 22nd revision) covers much of the material normally covered in the classroom and during workshops.

About the book...

The book is made available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The book can be downloaded as a series of individual chapters which can be accessed simply by selecting from the drop-down list (to the left). The example data files used throughout the book are also available for downloading from the drop-down list (a ZIPed archive).

  Note: The book has gotten sufficiently 'large' (>1200 pages), such that you might be disuaded from printing a hardcopy. However, sometimes, such a printing is needed (say, for teaching purposes, or because you find hardcopy more convenient). The best option is to purchase a printed/bound copy of the book - split into two volumes: Volume I (covering chapters 1 to 11; the 'core material'), and Volume II (chapters 12 to 21, and the appendices). Cost is very reasonable ($18-22 per volume, plus shipping -- covers production costs only), and the quality is very good.