Co-submitting postdoc proposal: mig. sp. population modeling

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Co-submitting postdoc proposal: mig. sp. population modeling

Postby brady.mattsson » Wed Apr 12, 2023 3:12 am

Description of opportunity

Do you have experience and interest in multi-state mark-recapture analysis using ringing or telemetry data, modeling abundance based on count data, network population modeling, or integrated population modeling?

We seek an advanced doctoral candidate or postdoc interested in refining an existing proposal to work as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow for 2 years at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) in Austria. BOKU supports and promotes diversity, equality, accessibility, social inclusion, equal opportunities, and intergenerational justice. The university also supports employees and students with young families through a nursery school and kindergarten on site for children from age one to primary school entry.

The project entails examining questions about population ecology by applying these modeling approaches while linking demographic parameters to environmental variables (i.e., weather, land cover, and/or land use) using long-term data sets on the red kite (Milvus milvus) across Europe. We want to learn about how changes in climate and in efforts to mitigate poisoning affect abundance at regional and cross-regional scales. Single-region studies have shown this species to be vulnerable to these factors. We lack understanding however about how these factors interact between regions used throughout the annual cycle by migratory individuals and by year-round residents in this partially migratory species.

Initial focal regions (n=6) in France, Germany, and Spain alone include >11K counts of fledglings, >17K counts of breeding pairs, >21K ringings and recaptures, and >180 individuals tagged with GPS/GSM transmitters that were tracked in multiple focal regions. Within these focal countries, there are >1.2K tagged individuals and >141K sightings in eBird and >1.1M sightings in (Germany).
The proposal phase can be conducted remotely, including regular email correspondence and video conferences with the host. If the grant is awarded, the postdoc would become an employee and be stationed at the Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management (IWJ) at BOKU and be supervised by Brady Mattsson.

The gross salary is 5400 EUR per month in addition to a monthly family allowance (if applicable) of 660 EUR and a monthly mobility (i.e., project-related travel) allowance of 660 EUR.

Collaboration and expertise at our institute

The international collaboration team includes 32 red kite experts from ten European countries. There are currently two PhD students at IWJ working on this topic.

Staff at the IWJ investigate the ecology and management of wildlife and its habitats. Focal species predominantly include mammals and birds that are relevant to the interests of diverse stakeholder groups (e.g., hunting, fisheries, nature conservation, tourism, agriculture, forestry, water management, and land use planning). Species that are hunted, endangered or protected, invasive, or recovering can generate conflicts between stakeholder groups and are of intense focus at IWJ. Besides research groups focused on basic questions about habitat choice, feeding ecology, and population dynamics, the institute includes applied research groups that employ methodologies directly relevant to practitioners, including developing monitoring concepts, decision support systems, and management plans for sustainable hunting and prevention of damage caused by wildlife. The diverse fields of research and lectures at IWJ attract students from universities across Austria and abroad, and are the basis for numerous inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations, both national and international.

About Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships

The prestigious Fellowships are open to researchers holding a PhD and who wish to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary mobility. Fellowships are open to researchers of any nationality who either want to work in Europe or to move between countries in Europe. For more details about the Fellowships, see (HORIZON-MSCA-2023-PF-01).

Submitting your expression of interest (EOI)

Please note that you are submitting an EOI to apply for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship jointly with Brady Mattsson, Assistant Professor at IWJ BOKU. This is not a job application. Interested applicants should send the following documentation to as a single PDF:

1) A letter of motivation including complementarity between the candidate and supervisor, and why IWJ is an appropriate host institution (max 2 pages)

2) CV including list of publications

Deadline for submission of EOI: 15 May 2023.

For more information, please contact Brady Mattsson at [url][/url].
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