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Introductory occupancy modeling courses | Australia, Turkey

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:09 am
by darryl
Occupancy models are a suite of methods that have been developed for examining the patterns and dynamics of species occurrence (e.g., presence/absence) across a region of interest, particularly while accounting for the imperfect detection of species. They may be used in a wide range of ecological applications, from simply providing a monitoring metric, to investigating relationships between the distribution of a species with environmental variables (i.e., species distribution modelling), or how these change over time.

Darryl MacKenzie ( will be teaching 4.5-day introductory workshops on these methods in Australia (15-19 July 2019) and Turkey (2-6 September 2019). Darryl is first author of the seminal paper on occupancy modelling while accounting for imperfect detection (MacKenzie et al., 2002), and of the authoritative book on the topic Occupancy Estimation and Modeling (

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