Intermediate/advanced worshop at Quebec, May 2006

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Intermediate/advanced worshop at Quebec, May 2006

Postby CHOQUET » Mon Jan 23, 2006 5:02 am

Upcoming intermediate/advanced level workshop on the analysis of capture-recapture data using multistate models at Université Laval, Quebec city, Canada, 1-5 May 2006

You are hereby cordially invited to take part in the following workshop:

ANALYSIS OF MULTISTATE CAPTURE-RECAPTURE DATA: Modelling incomplete individual histories

The estimation of population parameters (survival, recruitment, dispersal, and population growth rate) is critical to many areas of fundamental and applied biology. The major source of data for such estimation comes from observations of marked animals. This workshop will deal with recent advances in the analysis of such data. The content is aimed at providing the participants with a solid background in the philosophy, theory and practice for the analysis of data from marked animals, with a specific focus on multistate data and models. Multistate capture-recapture models are a natural generalisation of the usual one-site recapture models. Similarly, individuals are sampled on discrete occasions, at which they may be captured or not. However, contrary to the one-site case, the individuals can move within a finite set of states between occasions. The states considered can be geographic sites, as well as reproductive states (breeder / non-breeder) or states related to physiological condition such as, e.g., weight classes. The growing interest in spatial aspects of population dynamics and differences in individual quality presently makes multistate models an invaluable tool for population biology. Emphasis will be placed on stringent procedures for building and selecting the most appropriate models for the data set at hand, in order to be able to draw reliable biological conclusions.

Format of the workshop will be a combination of lectures and computer lab exercises with the programs M-SURGE and U-CARE. ( U-CARE incorporates recently developed goodness-of-fit tests for multistate models, and M-SURGE makes the building of complex models easy based on a language describing the structure of models in a compact and user-friendly way. All lectures and course material will be in English.

It is our hope that participants will bring their own capture-recapture data, whether single-state or multistate, to work on them during the workshop.

Teachers: Roger Pradel, Jean-Dominique Lebreton (CNRS/CEFE, FRANCE) and Gilles Gauthier (Université Laval, Québec, Canada).

The workshop will be preceded by conferences on capture-recapture models on May 1st. The conferences will be presented by invited speakers and other contributors, and will address recent advances in the analysis of capture-recapture data or case study based on such data.

The registration fee for the workshop is 900$ (Can.) (800$ for students). It covers participation, lunches and social events, but not accommodation. If you plan to attend, you must first contact Anne-Marie Reboulet <> before registering because the number of participants will be limited. Note, however, that participation to the conferences on May 1st is free and open to everybody.

Thank you for disseminating this message to colleagues and students who may not have received it.

Louis-Paul Rivest ( and Gilles Gauthier (
Professor of Statistics and Professor of Biology, Université Laval
Workshop organizers
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