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I am hosting a 1-day course on the Information-Theoretic (I-T) approaches to statistical inference on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The course covers AIC model selection as a practical means of providing evidence for/against science hypotheses. These methods have a very deep foundation in Kullback-Liebler information theory but are computationally quite easy in application, and relatively simple to understand. The course material follows my 2008 Springer book, “Model based inference in the life sciences: a primer on evidence.” The book can be found on the Internet without cost or can be ordered from the usual places (e.g., Springer or Amazon).

The course stresses science and science philosophy as much as statistics. The initial focus is on quantification and qualification of formal statistical evidence concerning alternative science hypotheses. By afternoon the focus turns to making statistical inference from all the models in an a priori set (multimodel inference). Details on the course are available by contacting me.

The course will be held at the Rocky Mountain Resorts (RMR) in Estes Park, Colorado. This resort sits on the shore of Lake Estes at about 9,000 ft elevation about 1.6 miles from downtown Estes Park. Mid-October is likely to be perfect fall weather but could be cold and snowy or about anything. Those renting a car might consider an AWD vehicle in case of snow. Come prepared for about anything. Monday and Wednesday are travel days; however, many people will want to come early and enjoy nearby (7 miles) Rocky Mountain National Park and see 14,257 ft Long’s Peak. You will see hundreds of elk, many on the resort grounds; bring a camera. Mule deer, bighorn sheep and other animals can also be seen depending on the weather and if one spends sometime in the Park.

I suggest attendees stay in the RMR making it easy to find parking and be just down the hall from the conference room where the course will be offered. However, there is a large number of alternatives in the Estes Park area. Just arrive by sometime Monday as the course will start promptly at 8:30 am on Tuesday the 20th.

Registration fee is $190 and includes the presentation of the technical material and morning and afternoon breaks. Sleeping rooms and lunch are on your own. Maximum attendance is set at about 35; registration is likely to fill up quickly. One glitch – I will be in China September 25-October 11 so plan contact with me before (better) or after those dates.

Those not familiar with “Colorado’s Alps” could google “Estes Park,” “Rocky Mountain National Park,” and “Rocky Mountain Resorts.” Again, many details on the course itself are available from me for the asking.

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