Workshop on Spatial Capture-Recapture Modeling

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Workshop on Spatial Capture-Recapture Modeling

Postby rchandler » Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:56 pm

Andy Royle (Patuxent Wildlife Research Center)
Richard Chandler (University of Georgia)
Jared Laufenberg (University of Georgia)

Date: 09-12 March 2015 (4 days)

Location: University of Georgia

People must bring laptop with a recent version of R, WinBUGS and/or JAGS installed and functional

USD$550 (normal rate), USD$350 (student rate), which includes lunch, refreshment breaks, and instructional materials

This course introduces some key models used in the analysis of spatially-explicit capture-recapture data using Bayesian and classical (likelihood) methods. It closely follows material from the book “Spatial Capture-Recapture” (Elsevier, 2014). The workshop will cover basic model and data analysis concepts in R and the BUGS language (using WinBUGS or JAGS), analysis of classical capture-recapture models (models M0, Mb, Mh, etc…), concepts and methods of spatial capture-recapture models and their analysis using the R package “secr” (M.G. Efford) and also using BUGS.

Who will benefit
Research biologists interested in the analysis of capture-recapture data

This is an intermediate-level workshop with topical lectures followed by work sessions where we analyse data and solve exercises. Course requirements:
(1) Good working knowledge of modern regression methods (regression, ANOVA, generalised linear models, random effects).
(2) Experience with the R programming language at a level higher than “beginner”. You should be a regular R user. Manipulating data in R should be routine for you.
(3) Familiarity with using WinBUGS or JAGS. You should have no problem fitting a basic regression model in WinBUGS.
(4) Knowledge of basic capture-recapture concepts and methods. E.g., the Otis et al. monograph, Pollock’s Robust Design, distance sampling.

Registration information and additional information about the workshop can be found here:
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