CMR workshop, Feb 2010 - Mammal Research Inst, South Africa

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CMR workshop, Feb 2010 - Mammal Research Inst, South Africa

Postby nicodb » Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:05 am

Dear interested participants.

The Mammal Research Institute of the University of Pretoria, South Africa will be hosting a workshop on mark-recapture techniques to be run by Dr Trent McDonald of WEST Inc.

Dr McDonald is a leading researcher, author and practitioner of
mark-recapture theory applied to populations of wild animals.

1. Day 1 morning: Lectures on Closed population models
2. Day 1 afternoon: Hands on exercises and consultations
3. Day 2 morning: Lectures on Open population models
4. Day 2 afternoon: Hands on exercises and consultations
5. Day 3 all day: Applications and consultations

16-18th Feb 2010

ZAR 1000
Includes: Morning and afternoon coffee breaks, light lunches, venue hire,
computer availability (if needed). Costs go towards covering Dr McDonald's travel costs from the USA.

1) We highly recommend purchasing a copy of:

"Handbook of capture-recapture analysis"
Steven Amstrup, Trent McDonald and Bryan Manly (Eds)

Dr McDonald will make available copies at the authors discount price of
US$50 (which is considerably cheaper than the book is available directly
in SA). These must be ordered in advance, when signing up for the

2) Analysis using R software and Dr. McDonald's MRA package will be
emphasized during the workshop. Equivalent analyzes in MARK software will be illustrated. Microsoft Excel will be used occasionally to illuminate
calculations. Dr. McDonald is proficient at MARK and will consult with
participants on use of MARK as needed.

3) The final day will consist of short presentations and group discussion
of participants projects, followed by one-on-one collaboration with Dr.
McDonald. As such, participants are encouraged to email abstracts of
their projects to Dr. McDonald prior to the workshop, and to bring their
data sets ready to analyze.


If you would like to apply for this workshop, please cut out the following
text, fill in as appropriate and email to:

Please send one email for each person who wishes to attend

Attendance must be confirmed by the 15th November and paid for by the 1st Dec 2009. Places are limited.




Contact phone number:

I would like to order a copy of the "Handbook of Capture-Recapture
Analysis" - YES / NO


We look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Elwen and Nico de Bruyn
Post Doctoral Fellows
Mammal Research Institute
University of Pretoria
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