Introductory MARK workshop Univ. of St. Andrews 3-7 Aug 2009

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Introductory MARK workshop Univ. of St. Andrews 3-7 Aug 2009

Postby scottish » Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:17 am

The 'Program MARK workshop' will be held in our purpose-built facilities at the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM), University of St Andrews, from 3rd to 7th August 2009. Instructors will be Dr. Gary White, author of MARK, assisted by Paul Doherty from Colorado State University and staff from CREEM. To celebrate Gary's emancipation from faculty life, he's coming to Scotland.

This introductory-level workshop will provide research biologists and graduate students with the basic background to understand the main-stream analyses performed by Program MARK and the familiarity with the program to perform these analyses. A mixture of lectures and laboratory exercises will be provided. Participants will learn the basics of parameter estimation with likelihood theory, model selection with Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC), and the binomial and multinomial distributions. The Cormack-Jolly-Seber (CJS) mark-recapture, band (tag or ring) recovery, known fate, and closed captures models will be covered in detail. More advanced models will be described so that participants will understand the benefits of these models, but those models would not be covered extensively. Use of covariates, including individual covariates, will be covered with the closed capture models.

Further details and registration forms at ... rview.html
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