Non-significant stat forTest 2.CT but significant chi-square

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Non-significant stat forTest 2.CT but significant chi-square

Postby GabyTP » Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:56 am

Hi there,
I am having trouble interpreting results from 2.CT. I have a non-significant p for the statistic (meaning no trap shy or happy), but a significant p for the chi-square of the test. What does this mean? The results of the test are:
Statistic -1.334
P value 0.182
Chi-square 24.405
p value = 0.011
Thank you in advance
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Re: Non-significant stat forTest 2.CT but significant chi-sq

Postby Guillaume Souchay » Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:22 am

Hi Gaby,

Maybe you can have a look at U-CARE manual to understand the test2.CL.

From the manual, there are 2 possibles hypotheses tested with Test2.CL:
- H1: there is a difference in the probability of being reencountered between animals encountered and not encountered at the previous occasion => is there some trap-dependence in the dataset. It is based on the chi-square statistics.
- H1T: among individuals alive at 2 successives occasions, those encountered on the first occasion tend to be either less or more reencountered at the second occasion => is there always trap-happiness or always trap-shyness. Based on z statistic.

Thus, you can find either "directional" trap-dependence in your dataset (always trap-shyness or trap-happiness), or just trap-dependence but sometimes trap-shyness and sometimes trap-happiness.

Maybe this is the latter case in your dataset. To have more insight in your data, select the option "full details with contingency table" to have a look at the 2x2 Table.

Guillaume Souchay
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