what is the correct syntax for random effects in E-SURGE?

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what is the correct syntax for random effects in E-SURGE?

Postby wisc88 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:48 am

I am trying to use E-SURGE to run a multi-event model with a fixed effect of time and a random effect of study area (Plot) on both steps of the transition (survival+transition). My model has 3 states, 7 events, 2 age classes and 8 occasions. Plot has 12 levels and all individuals are attributed to one Plot (i.e. there are no missing values).
I have successfully run models with Plot as a fixed effect (both t+Plot and t.Plot). Using individual as random effect (t+Plot+ind) also works fine. However, I cannot write the correct syntax to make GEMACO understand Plot as random.

I have tried the following phrases:
t+r(Plot) -> Call GEMACO does not work
t+random(Plot) -> Call GEMACO does not work
t+[i+r(Plot)] -> Call GEMACO works but I get errors when running the model

My E-SURGE version is 2.1.4.
Are these details enough to pinpoint my error?
Thank you for your help!
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