secr 4.4.8, openCR 2.2.1, openCR on GitHub

announcements (new versions, changes, bugs, installation problems...) related to program DENSITY and the R package secr

secr 4.4.8, openCR 2.2.1, openCR on GitHub

Postby murray.efford » Wed Nov 17, 2021 4:24 pm

New releases of secr (4.4.8) and openCR (2.2.1) are on CRAN, including the Windows binaries. These releases fix a bug with count data in the most recent version of secr (thanks to Ian Durbach for raising this) and an old bug with learned-response models in openCR. openCR 2.2.1 has some new movement kernels, and two important changes to the defaults in kernelradius = 30 and sparsekernel = TRUE. A new online vignette explores movement kernels in some detail: openCR-kernel.pdf.

Also, the code for openCR under development is now on GitHub. Bug reports and other comments may be raised there as new Issues.
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