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Announcing secr 4.4.7

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2021 5:58 pm
by murray.efford
secr 4.4.7 is now on CRAN. Most recent changes are minor, but you may want to catch up here, and
o addCovariates() now accepts RasterLayer spatialdata
o make.capthist() and read.capthist() tweaked to allow nonspatial input
o sim.popn() has some new movement kernels
o a bug in snip() has been fixed
o relations with package 'spsurvey' have been suspended, perhaps temporarily. The packages clashed during submission to CRAN and I have yet to get my head around the much-changed spsurvey 5.0.0. This means the 'GRTS' option in trap.builder() does not work in 4.4.7.