make.capthist & multi-session capture histories

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make.capthist & multi-session capture histories

Postby peter_s » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:30 pm


I am trying to create multi-session capture histories using make.capthist and it is not working for me. I’ve error-checked my data and my data input formats are okay, I think. The same data works fine when I use make.capthist to generate single-session capture histories for each of my trapping grids independently. It also works fine when I use the same data to generate multi-session capture histories from exported text files with read.capthist. But when I try to create a multi-session capture history with make.capthist, I get an error that says “multi-session ‘traps’ list does not match ‘captures’”.

Here’s a simple example of what I get when I use data from two of my trapping grids to make single- or multi-session capture histories:
> ch.t11 <- make.capthist(cap.11, traps.11) # this works
> #test11 <-
> ch.t14 <- make.capthist(cap.14, traps.14) # this works
> #test14 <-
> cap.1114 <- rbind(cap.11, cap.14)
> ch.t1114 <- make.capthist(cap.1114, c(traps.11,traps.14)) # this doesn't work
Error in make.capthist(cap.1114, c(traps.11, traps.14)) :
multi-session 'traps' list does not match 'captures'
> <- read.capthist("caps11_14.csv",c("traps11.txt", "traps14.txt")) # this works
No errors found :-)
> #test.1114 <-

Here’s an example of some of my data in case I am missing something with data formatting:
> head(cap.1114)
Session ID Occasion Detector
258 U11 15074 1 T11A3
259 U11 15027 1 T11A6
260 U11 15063 1 T11A7
262 U11 15072 1 T11B3
263 U11 15039 1 T11B6
264 U11 15061 1 T11B7
> head(traps.11)
x y
T11A1 606789.2 4851634
T11A2 606789.2 4851594
T11A3 606789.2 4851554
T11A4 606789.2 4851514
T11A5 606789.2 4851474
T11A6 606789.2 4851434

This seems like it should be simple and I may be missing something obvious, but I sure can’t figure it out…


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Re: make.capthist & multi-session capture histories

Postby murray.efford » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:14 pm
"For make.capthist, the ‘traps’ argument may be a list of traps objects, one per session."
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ch.t1114 <- make.capthist(cap.1114, list(traps.11,traps.14))

Even R sometimes uses 'list' for a vector of elements, but here list means list.
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Re: make.capthist & multi-session capture histories

Postby peter_s » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:18 pm

Thanks very much Murray!

I figured it was something simple.

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