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Postby Bene » Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:13 pm

Hi everyone

I would like to run some tests with CAPTURE but the number of individual histories usually exceeds 400 and I get this message:

Dimension problem in READRI subroutine.
Maximum for the product of animals times the number of trapping occasions is 39200, and
maximum number of animals is 400. Analysis stopped.

I read in the manual that the max simulation population size is 400 but 1000 is curently allowed. The thing is I don't run simulations with CAPTURE, I run my own simulations that produce a history matrix and I then use CAPTURE in batch mode.

Is there any way I can overcome this limitation in the batch mode ??

Otherwise the CAPTURE option in MARK allows more than 400 individual histories but my guess is it's not possible to run the CAPTURE option integrated in MARK in a batch mode, am I right ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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Postby Bill Kendall » Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:36 pm

I don't know about the size limitations in CAPTURE, and Gary can answer that. However, in the mean time have you considered running your analysis in MARK itself? MARK and CAPTURE are basically equivalent for those models not involving individual heterogeneity in capture probability. For those that involve heterogeneity MARK runs the mixture models of Pledger, instead of the methods developed by Burnham, Chao, etc.

Good luck
Bill Kendall
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capture in batch mode

Postby jhines » Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:21 pm

You can download the source-code for CAPTURE, and re-compile it with more than 400 animals (see file

Alternatively, you can run MARK in batch mode as Bill suggested. Just build one model, and instead of running the model, save it to run later. Then, list that input file and save as a text file. (Make sure to check 'list input data'.)That file can be run in batch mode using the command 'c:\progra~1\mark\mark i=xxxxx o=yyyy' (where xxxx is the saved text file, and yyyyy is the output file). You can then change the data in the file and run for other simulated data.

Jim Hines
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Postby Bene » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:29 pm


I didn't know how to run the CAPTURE option in MARK in batch mode that is why I was trying to run CAPTURE in batch mode!

So thanks a lot Bill and Jim, that is very helpfull!!


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Program Capture more than 400 individuals

Postby Linnaeus » Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:25 am

Dear Bene,

I have a Program Capture more than 400 individual. If you want it, I can send by e-mail.


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