Possible multispecies occupancy model psi labeling error?

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Possible multispecies occupancy model psi labeling error?

Postby arielle » Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:46 pm

Hi All,

We've recently completed a multispecies occupancy workshop and one of our eagle-eyed students noticed that the calculation of psi_001 and psi_100 (and possibly psi_011 and psi_110) seem backward from what we would expect given the PIMs (e.g, parameter 1 is f1; 2 is f2; 3 is f12; 4 is f3; etc). I don't think it’s a calculation problem, perhaps just a labeling problem. The f’s all come out as expected, so we never checked the psi’s previously, but we did the calculations by hand and found the psi’s were not what we would expect.

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