MARK 8.2 | various new features + fixes...

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MARK 8.2 | various new features + fixes...

Postby cooch » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:45 pm

March, 2017 Version 8.2 (Hawaiian Goose Photo)

270. Closed captures data types that use the full likelihood parameterization, including robust designs, now report population size (N), instead of f0 as a real parameter in the MCMC output. Previously, the parameter was labeled f0, but was actually N.

271. The robust design (multi-season) version of the multi-site occupancy model has been added (data type 175). Parameters for the robust design extention are psi for the first primary occasion, epsilon (extinction), and gamma (colonization). A simulator has also been built.

April, 2017

272. The option to export estimates for each encounter history to Excel from the individual covariate plot now includes SE and confidence intervals, plus the individual covariate values that generated the estimate.

May, 2017

273. The multi-state data types now show the matrix of transitions when the input data summary is requested.

June, 2017

274. Derived parameter estimates are now included in MCMC output. Derived parameter names are provided with the DLABEL statement. Four abbreviations are used to identify parameters: Grp for group, Str for strata or state, Ses for primary session, and Occ for occasion.

275. When derived parameter estimates are requested in an Excel file, parameter names are now provided.

276. The Watanabe-Akaike information criterion, WAIC, was added to MCMC output.

July, 2017.

277. The input data summary command has been extended to provide summaries of the primary session encounters for robust designs, including multi-state robust designs.

278. A bug was fixed that allowed the user to compute profile likelihood confidence intervals for real parameters that were modeled with an individual covariate. Such a confidence interval is nonsense because each encounter history has its own real parameter estimate. Now a warning message is printed when a profile confidence interval is specified for a real parameter modeled with an individual covariate.
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