Model averaging in PRESENCE

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Model averaging in PRESENCE

Postby arjun » Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:27 am


Apologies if this topic has been discussed before (I could not locate it on the forum though). I'm trying to estimate occupancy and 8 of my candidate covariate models have deltaAIC <2. I want to use the model-averaging option available in PRESENCE v5.9 to get at final estimates of site-specific PSI values. However, when I try doing this, PRESENCE is generating a blank text file. I tried changing location of project and also tried creating new project. But the modavg text file is still blank. I have used mod-avg on PRESENCE before and it has worked. Not sure what the issue is now.

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Re: Model averaging in PRESENCE

Postby jhines » Thu Sep 04, 2014 8:08 am


I've uploaded a new version of PRESENCE with the model averaging problem fixed (hopefully). If you're still having trouble, please send me the most recent backup zipfile from your project folder.

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