Overlapping sites and removal of specimens

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Overlapping sites and removal of specimens

Postby Rodrigo_SM » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:03 am

I am estimating p and psi of triatomines in rock piles and bromeliads from captures with baited traps.
In each study area, the sampling was made in approximately 100 points, during 6 days. The problem is that in each sampling, the individuals that fell into the traps were extracted. In addition, the points are close to each other, and possibly there is overlap of the areas of influence of the traps (which are unknown). It is possible that there is displacement of individuals between the sites and from the outside to within them, so I believe that the assumption of closed sites would not be fulfilled. The only thing I can assure is that it is not possible to detect the same individual in two points at the same time (because extraction).

To avoid the possible non-independence between samplings because the extraction of individuals, I am considering the capture data as a removal design.

So, I do not know if I can use this methodology to estimate psi and p.
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