Time dependance models

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Time dependance models

Postby Mardagosa » Fri Oct 08, 2021 2:56 pm

In every workshop and books out there, the most common example of more complex models include time-dependance models. At first, this seemed intuitive (e.g., survival is decreasing across time). However, if I have other variables (e.g., sex), without time-dependance, I would still could find effects of, for example, males surviving less along my study. Being said that, time-dependance models are only comparing among timepoints but not the overall effect of the study?
Could I have a combination of models that only include a constant model and one dependent on sex, but not time?. I am particularly interested in this because I have a dataset in which the timepoints conditions are very stable (temperature, humidity, etc) so I am not particularly interested in comparing between timepoints but I am interested in the overall effect of survival between sexes at the end of my study.
I hope this makes sense.
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