Data type selection and small sample size

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Data type selection and small sample size

Postby Ataucher » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:14 am

Hi there,
I am trying to run models in the closed capture type. We collected capture-mark-recapture data on hedgehogs in four parts of the city. As the data collection took part over relatively short time, I think I am fine with using a "closed" system and I will be estimating abundances in different areas individually.
As I simply want to estimate abundance (not taking individual covariates into account), is it right, that I am best of using a "Full likelihood p and c" data type? I then calculated the pre-defined models and took the weighted average for the abundance estimate.
Additionally, two of my areas has so few hedgehogs (4 individuals found on 8 capture occasions) that I don't get reliable estimates. Is there a way to calculate some kind of estimate, as we invested the same search effort in all four areas?
Thank you very much for any help.
Best wishes,
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