Program MARK

advanced workshop -- August 5-8, 2013 -- Ft. Collins, CO

Advanced Workshop - Program MARK

mark An advanced-level workshop on the use and application of program MARK is being offered on the Colorado State University campus in early August of this year (August 5-8). The 4-day workshop will introduce (and extend) several capabilities currently coded in program MARK -- many of which are poorly documented (or, in some cases, not documented at all). Lectures will be supplemented with 'hands-on' opportunities for workshop participants to fully explore some of the advanced capabilities in MARK.

  This workshop should not be confused with a beginner or intermediate MARK workshop. Knowledge of, and experience in using, Program MARK is assumed. Attendees should have previous MARK experience through a class or workshop. Attendees should have some level of mastery of the topics in Chapters 1-7 of "Program MARK - a Gentle Introduction" as well as familiarity with numerous mark-recapture models. Attendees should use Program MARK regularly.